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Happy Fourth of July: Would you like to have Financial Independence?

June 29, 2017


Read on and learn how you can get a free copy of The Downwind Walk and an invitation to a attend a free seminar for taking action by July 4th.

Fourth of July is a day of celebrating freedom and the American dream. Although our country guarantees us freedom of speech and pursuit of happiness, financial independence is up to you.   CLICK HERE for information and stop falling further behind.

Would you like financial independence and not have to depend on overtime or a second job?download (4)

Are you falling further behind the more you work?

I am sickened by the fact a lot of people are waiting tables and making 80 or 90 bucks for 8 hours work.  These waitresses have to also tip the bartender and the bus staff. Even if you have a good job you have to do overtime or work a second job to get caught up.  How many of us in EMS are working overtime and trying to pay bills.

How do you feel when your hours are cut, or overtime dries up?

Many people are feeling the harder they work the further they fall behind. People with 40 hours a week jobs have their OT canceled because the business is slow or your company is over budget.  This is why many Americans feel a lack of control. Other people are controlling your income making opportunities.  Are you feeling the harder you work the further you fall behind? CLICK HERE  to learn how to earn more money and stop falling behind financially.

Financial independence.

Think about it.  How would it feel to be in control of your income and have the freedom to enjoy life?   How would you feel to be able to make money without having to do overtime or work a second job?  Is it really necessary to work and do overtime to make ends meet?  How would it feel to work from home or the lake while others are driving to and from work every day?  We both know people that spend 2-4 hours a day commuting for a salary and career. I recently read an article which said, “Americans Spend 1.1 Billion Hours Commuting to Work.”  Why?

Click Here to find out how you can start making more money and do less over time!!.

Reality Check

I am not advocating quitting your job and drinking the cool aid.  I am suggesting that there are easier ways to make a living and not have to kill yourself with overtime. I am suggesting that you could have a business that generates automated income for you and give you freedom.  CLICK HERE for information and start your financial independence.

I remember working overtime on the ambulance and making $150 after 8 hours of overtime and paying my taxes.  I loved working but the reality was I was working by the hour.   I once was talking to my partner who said he was only 10K behind in credit card bills

I replied, “Dave that is like 70 shifts of overtime, providing you do not charge more on your cards.  That would be 2 shifts a week for 35 weeks if you can get the OT”.

“Shit, Steve.  That sounds bleak when you put it that way.”

“Also Dave, there is the interest.  You are probably doing another 15 shifts just to pay the interest.”



Easy Money?? No Such Thing.

I can remember friends of mine doing “easy overtime working at the beach or being a patient at the academy.   I made some serious money teaching EMT’s and paramedics.  But I still had to work 3 jobs and teach in the evening.  My daughter once asked me, “Dad why do you work so hard?”

I told her I did not have to but we would not be able to go to Disney and the beach each year.

She said, “That’s ok dad, keep working.” LOL.

I see many people advertise on-line that they make 7 figures and work from home.   Advertisers show you their expensive cars and big houses.  How would you like to pay isn’t that a more reasonable goal?

These is no easy money in life.  There is seldom money made “While you sleep”.  But, you can get ahead if you leverage your effort and get some automated income streaming cash into your bank account.


Consider putting in the work to create a product line and sell them for money that was collected while you were doing other things.  Yes!*It is possible to have a business and attain location, time and money freedom.

I am talking about starting out with modest goals and making a monthly income that makes life better.

Rather than making overtime salary when it is available.  Consider making $40 to $100 per sale from your on-line automated business.  Say you could do that to make a grand or two a month.  Would that make you smile and feel like you’re in control? How would it feel to be home with your kids more often?

It can be done.  I get quarterly checks on the sales of my book, The Downwind Walk: A USAR paramedics Experiences after 9/11.   I also get checks for teaching I do as an instructor.

I have worked hard for my money and occasionally I have used leverage to make a lot of money for speaking at conferences.  But I cannot get these jobs all the time.  Maybe once a year tops.

I am able to sell books and train people on-line regularly.  I want to show you how to do this also.

Chances are if you are on-line using Facebook, WordPress, YouTube and Pinterest, then there is a model of business for you.  If you like to teach and write a book, you can speak, write and make money helping others.

“I can’t make products and write books! “  Not many of us can.  We have limited time and have obligations.  How would you like to license products that have proven success and receive commissions for every sale you make?

My Offer to you-

I would like you to take an on-line class, spend some time watching videos and making decisions to see if this business model is for you.  I will even see to it there is a coach to talk with you and see what strengths you have (That is like a $500 value).



There is more –to honor Fourth of July I want to help 74 EMTs and paramedics start their own business. (get it 7-4, Fourth of July?)

If you sign up for this course and pay the 49.00 fee I will also give the first 25 people a signed autographed copy of my book along with a digital panorama photo featured on my web site, http://www.downwindwalk.wordpress.com. ($30.00 dollar value)

AND I will throw in for free 5 of my professionally edited EMS mastery lectures.   ($50.00 value, easy.)

AND I will invite the first 25 people who sign up for this by 07/04/17 an invitation to an in-person training seminar in the New York City Area where I will personally teach you how to start a blog, auto-responder sequence and sell products online.


There is no easy money.  I am not guaranteeing you a 7 figure income.  But, I will guarantee you can start your business and start an independent cash flow for you. Kind of like your own cash ATM!    CLICK HERE for information and start your financial independence.download (5)

I am being generous because I believe this is a good opportunity for you to start your financial independence, I am tired of seeing people working too hard while there are ways to help make income and enjoy life a little bit more.  We all know how unpredictable life can be.  Do you really want to spend all your time working?


“What do I do next?” 

  • Click on the link below
  • Sign up for the course
  • Pay the $49 dollar fee and take the course. Send me an e-mail with your receipt and address to mail the book to.   (stevenKanarian@gmail.com, topic “Financial Freedom”chopper)

After you have paid for the course and e-mail your receipt will send I verify you finished the course, I will send you an autographed copy of my book, The Downwind Walk, the podcasts and the panorama photo.  I will notify you of the in-person conference location and date.

So basically I am giving you a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of training, books podcasts and lessons for $49.00.  Oh yeah and a coach who will walk you through the steps and help you determine your goals.


CLICK HERE:  http://tinyurl.com/y7qe8qc2    and join the list to get your presents.








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